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Sunday, January 18, 2009

~PosTer CoLlEcTiOn~

Uh!!~ i don know where to put it! ==" my wall full....~

Latest I got..

At My wall...

i love this one so much~don know why~...

My Collection..

CD + DVD collection~

I just got it!

Gokusen Collection is on the way..i just order it... season 2 and 3..
season 1.. can somebody burn it for me..cos here out of stock adi.. don worry it's not for free..cos i will repay u with TVXQ 2nd asia tour concert poster.. or other TVXQ poster..


  1. YooNie said...
    ♥ Ladaye Xang ♥ said...
    hehe!!! gokuseeeeeeeeeeeeeennn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love gokusen!!!!! miuraaa.. :nosebleed!!:
    fizzah said...
    wow.. u have TVXQ 2nd asia tour concert poster? cool.. i've been searching for it..n i couldn't find it until now..lol..
    diha jae joong said...
    fara thnks for tvxq small card. I just keep it in my wallet.can see them alwez. next time can watch another TVXQ album from u.hehehe

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