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Friday, August 22, 2008

Lee Eon dies in accident

So tragic..-.-

I know Lee Eon from Coffe Prince, I cant believe he died. It was sudden shock for me.
Actually I just wanna start to like him, I watch him act in Mighty Chil Woo, he was so funny.

Paying last respects to Lee Eon

Model and actor, Lee Eon’s tragic and sudden death has come as a shock to the entire entertainment community. Family, friends and fans are still reeling in disbelief at the loss. The stars have been coming to pay their last respects to the actor at Soon-chun-hyung University hospital since the early morning. One of the first to pay respects, Yun Eun-hye arrived in tears as did fellow Coffee Prince co-star Kim Jae-wook. His co-star Eric received the phone call at soon after the accident at 3 am and headed directly to the hospital along with cast and crew.

More details are surfacing regarding the crash. The accident occurred at approximately 1:30 am. Soon after, emergency crews arrived and performed CPR, but the actor was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. The police suspect drinking was the cause of the accident, but Lee Eon’s manager maintains that the actor rarely drinks and usually gets driven around rather than taking the motorbike. Police are still trying to piece together what happened.

Lee Eon trained as a wrestler since elementary school until his 1st year of university. After losing 30kg, he switched careers to become a model. The model/actor also moonlighted as DJ Sangmin at Club Mass in Kangnam.

credit to: popseoul.com

Eun Hye at the ceremony.

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  1. fRuiTyRuth said...
    ahhh after i see the news her in the net, i really felt so sad.. i really love his acting at Coffee Prince... he was agreat person, but there are news that he was a victim of Hit and Run... i hope the one who did this to him will feel guilty...

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