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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cinema Addicted..

This year I don't know since when I've become cinema addict.
If I getting bored, I'll thinking about cinema, hahaha.. is it so bad if me become like that?
I think is nothing wrong with it, but the problem is my neighbor * my bad..bad neighbor* so bz body, always stalking me everywhere I go..so tired being stalker.
One day he came to my house and told to my mom that I went to cinema with a boy!!~
WTF I never do that.. but I like for what my mom reply to him for what he say.. *If she go to cinema with a boy is not your problem because she's my daughter not yours.. and with her age is nothing wrong with me to let her went out with anyone she want I'm ok with that, so go stalking someone else daughter cos I don't need u to be my daughter bodyguard.* after that he stop stalking me.. and now he go stalking my another neighbor not daughter but son hahaha..aigo what a weird habit he have -.-
Thank GOD my mom understand me, she never think wrong about me, cos she know i wont do anything bad behind her, and I wont do that of cos. I LOVE MY MOM


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